Rules And Guidelines



Residents will receive a copy of the Draper House rules and program description upon admission:

RESPECT: Each person deserves respect and I understand that I must be respectful of other.

INSURANCE: I agree to obtain insurance as part of my responsibility to ensure that I have health care coverage.

TOX SCREEN: I agree and understand that this is a sober/ dry environment. I will comply with random Tox screens as per the house policy.

POSITIVE TOX SCREEN: I agree to abstain from using illegal substances and understand that if my urine Tox screen is positive I agree to seek treatment. I must comply with the sober house policy and obtain written prescription by health care provider for all medications.


Draper House rules and program description helps residents understand the expectations and benefits of the program.


Upon admission, each resident will receive a copy of the Draper House program description. At the time of admission, the admitting house manager/ owner will review the Draper House rules and program description with the resident and the resident will sign a copy of the rules that will indicate the review.


  1. N/A and A/A slips must be signed whenever attending meetings.They will be checked EVERY week by the House Manager.
  2. Urine testing will be collected randomly and regularly

*Please Note:
All residents must follow urine collectors direction when completing a urine.

  1. Curfew is in effect at all times. Specifically :11 pm Sunday through Thursday and 12 Midnight on Friday and Saturday.
  2. Residents are allowed to have visitors: Sat 12:00-1:00 pm & Sun 12-1:00 pm *Please respect your guest and other residents when you have a visitor by understanding that this house is a house where men live. NO guests are allowed in resident rooms at any time.
  3. No cooking after 10:00 pm
  4. Draper House is not responsible for any lost belongings. All belongings must be picked up within 3 days of a resident leaving voluntarily or involuntarily.If belongings are left more than 3 days after discharge they will be donated.
  5. Smoking is done outside the house. Smoking in the house will result in discharge.
  6. No smoking or loitering in front of the house.
  7. Telephone use: 15 Minute limit
  8. Rooms should be neat and clean everyday.
  9. All residents are to be out of the house Monday-Friday 10:00 am-2:00 pm




Draper House has the right and responsibility to search residents’ belongings and the residences for illegal substances and inappropriate/ hazardous items.


Draper house seeks to ensure the safety of all residents and to provide a safe environment conducive to recovery from addiction.


  1. Upon admission, a house manager/ owner member will search the resident’s personal belongings for illegal or inappropriate/ hazardous items. The resident will be informed of Draper House policy regarding keeping of illegal substances or inappropriate items in the residence.
  2. Periodic searches (timing is decided by the house manager/ owner) of the residences will be done by a house manager/ owner member to look for illegal inappropriate/ hazardous items.
  3. If a resident is found to be in possession of and illegal or inappropriate/ hazardous item upon admission the item or substance will be confiscated by the house manager/ owner. If during a residence search, it is discovered that a resident is keeping an illegal substance (e.g. drugs such as cocaine, heroin) or an inappropriate/ hazardous item (legal but mood-altering drug such as alcohol or a weapon) the item(s) will be confiscated and the resident will be subject to discipline and may be discharged.
  4. Inappropriate/ Hazardous Items
    • Illegal drugs- cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, pot. Etc.
    • Legal drugs that are mood altering- alcohol and anything containing alcohol, prescription drugs, etc.
    • Weapons or anything heavy or sharp enough to be used as a weapon


  1. You are required attend on premises “House Meetings” which are held 1 time per week, 1-2 hours per meeting.
  2. House meeting attendance is mandatory, (which means you must arrange for employment that does not interfere with these meetings), there are no exceptions to this rule.
  3. You must let the house manager know when leaving for weekend overnights. All weekend overnight leaves must be pre-approved by the house manager in advance.
  4. Rent must be paid every Friday directly to the house manager and paid up to date without exception.
  5. You must see the house manager at least 1 time per week to discuss your recovery goals. It does not count as a visit to discuss goals while paying rent, unless the house manager chooses to do so.
  6. You are required to be employed full time, and you are not permitted to quit a job without first discussing it with the house manager. Employment status will be checked on periodically.
  7. Your room must be kept neat with your bed made at all times, rugs vacuumed, toilet cleaned, kitchen area clean, which means absolutely no glasses, dishes, silverware, etc. left in sink at any time, and trash disposed of in a timely manner.
  8. You will be assigned daily and weekend chores (these are mandatory as part of your stay).
  9. All vehicles will have current tags and insurance and this must be verifiable, Also, there will be no storage of vehicles and no working on vehicles on the premises.
  10. Bikes and other modes of transportation must be stored in the appropriate locations, and security for these are at your own cost.
  11. In event of emergency call 911 and immediately notify the house manager. Failure to notify house manager after emergency services are called may result in discharge.
  12. There are absolutely no visitors allowed on premises without approval from the house manager.
  13. There will be no congregating outside the front of the home, no loud music or
  14. discussions, or inappropriate dress allowed, and you are required to attend to daily hygiene needs.
  15. No one is allowed in another resident’s room. Period.
  16. There is no sharing of clothes, personal property, loaning money, borrowing vehicles, including bikes by either staff or residents.
  17. You may be requested to submit a U/A at any time, which may include either with or without cause. Also, another resident may request someone to be tested if a person’s behavior warrants it. Urines are always at the expense of the resident.
  18. Any resident who is aware of a rules infraction and does not notify the house manager immediately will be subject to discharge, which includes finding out later that you knew about it.
  19. All rooms are subject to inspections at any given time and any room that does not pass inspection may cause all residents in that room to be discharged.
  20. Smoking is not allowed in rooms or in the house. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  21. Any cooking done by residents required immediate clean-up.
  22. Any delegation, directive, or request that is made by house manager/director or staff then becomes a rule.
  23. Any medical conditions, injuries etc. must be brought to the attention of the house manager.
  24. If there is an emergency, call 911 then notify the house manager immediately.
  25. Any and all medications must be properly secured by resident and accounted for, medications will be counted periodically. You must let the house manager know what medicines you are taking. Rx and over the counter medications that have an unreadable label will be disposed of. Also, failure to divulge any and all medications the house manager will cause you to be discharged.
  26. House shut downs will occur if chores are not done, the grounds and buildings are not cared for, rooms are not kept clean or general attitudes are not in line with etiquette. This will be done at the discretion of the house manager.
  27. All rules and regulations are subject to additions and changes at the house manager’s discretion.

Non Compliance of the following rules may result in immediate discharge

  • Being under the influence of alcohol and /or drugs
  • Possession of alcohol/ drugs
  • Possession of weapons
  • Threats either verbal or physical, or acts of violence, fighting
  • Property destruction or altering physical construction of the premises, including interior walls
  • Failure to submit a U/A (which are always at your cost $20)
  • Lies either found on your intake paperwork or otherwise, stealing, unusual behavior.
  • Failure to comply with rules and/ or staff directions.


Each Draper House resident has rights that staff will safeguard during your stay.  You have the right to:

An environment that supports your recovery.

Be treated with dignity and respect.

Choose your recovery goals.

Participate actively in your recovery.

Information regarding informed consent prior to your stay.

Receive information regarding cost.

Confidential records that are accessible only to designated staff and which can be released to others outside of Draper House only with my permission except as allowed by state and federal law.

Be referred to subsequent services upon leaving or transfer from the residence.

Retain personal property that does not jeopardize your or others’ safety or health.

Receive and send unopened mail.

Be seen by a private physician with the understanding that all costs will be your responsibility.

File a complaint with the director without fear of retaliation and to have the complaint investigated within a reasonable amount of time.

Be fully informed before any changes occur in these rights and responsibilities as well as changes to Draper House policies, procedures, program components, and schedule.

Refuse to stay and be informed of the consequences of this action.

Request referral resources in the event of my dismissal from the Draper House.

Not to be required to perform services for Draper House which are not included in the usual expectations of all residents.


Grievances and disputes that cannot be resolved between residents should be brought to the attention of the house manager.

Any grievance against the house manager can be brought to the director/owner.

If a dispute cannot be resolved within Draper House, formal grievances can be filed with the Massachusetts Alliance of Sober Housing (MASH).

DIRECTOR:                          ANDREW ULRICH
MASH PHONE:                   (781) 472-2624