Amarillo’s Downtown Women’s Center launches campaign to bring awareness about substance abuse recovery

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AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) – After cancelling their annual Spring Luncheon due to COVID-19, Amarillo’s Downtown Women’s Center is launching the DWC Awareness Fundraising campaign.

The non-profit is joining a national effort to bring awareness towards substance abuse recovery.

For the whole month of September, the community is encouraged to make donations through the website or by scanning the barcode on the posters scattered around the city.

Depending on donations there will be testimonials, presentations and books available.

Throughout the month of September, the community can donate through the website or by scanning...

“Really getting out there and putting real faces with addiction is what is going to take to show people, you know, that people who suffer from addiction, they’re just people who made bad choices and not bad people,” said Kim Braswell, coordinator of the recovery program at Downtown Women’s Center.

According to the organizations’ website, 86 percent of the women who complete the recovery program are now sober.

Funds raised in this campaign will be directed towards one of the main components of the recovery process, counseling.

“Trauma counseling,” said Stephania Goins, director of development at Dowtown Women’s Center. “That is a major part that we’re focusing on. Our women and children are struggling through a lot.”

“Hurting your children, hurting your family members and having to look at that and own up to that, I think that’s a huge challenge,” said Braswell. “Once they can accept their past and move on, it is much easier.”

Funding for some of the essential services offered to the nonprofit’s clients come from their stores.

However, since the pandemic hit the Uptown Shoppe has seen an almost 40 percent drop in sales and donations.

“We’re looking to close that store due to some of the struggles we’ve had,” said Goins. “It just wasn’t doing as much as it had done before. We believe that a lot of people are starting to purchase items online or they’re selling their items due to COVID-19 and not having money. So, they’re not donating as much.”

If closed, items from the store will be transferred to one of the remaining stores.

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