I Love The Person I Am Today!

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I Love The Person I Am Today!

My life started out with a decent upbringing. I was fortunate to have a family with a very high level of responsibility, plus, strong morals and integrity. They cared enough about me to pass on a lot of valuable information and show me, by example, what a true contributing member of society looked like. I was on the right path, with a good head on my shoulders and many opportunities in front of me.

It was in my teenage years that I began using drugs and alcohol. Within one month of using, I dropped out of high school and abandoned every group that I was involved in, including my family. I betrayed everybody that I knew and loved. This feeling had led to seeking escape from reality—all I wanted to do was run from the problems which I had created. At the time, I was unable to see or understand the ramifications of my actions. Those actions then progressively got worse and worse over time. I went from chasing a high, to chasing money to facilitate my habit, to living on the streets away from home. My adventure began in Zephyrhills (Florida), where I quickly learned why it’s nicknamed “Meth-yr-Pills” by the locals. I started selling drugs for the same reason that most do—to survive!

I seemed to always have been in some sort of toxic relationship and could not maintain a job for the life of me. I knew that everything I was doing was wrong, yet I continued to do it. The thought of having to confront my issues and take responsibility for my actions was purely unbearable to me for many years, as they just grew bigger and bigger. After experiencing multiple abusive relationships, homelessness, felony charges, etc., I looked in the mirror and finally figured out what the common denominator was. It was ME.

My sisters helped me acquire all the information about Narconon. I decided it was time to make a major change in my life and this seemed like just the place to do it. The staff were so warm-hearted and welcoming. Even in my least pleasant moments, they had the kind of patience and trust for me that I hadn’t seen from any other group. I was honestly skeptical about how caring they were at first, but that changed when I was able to see that some of them had been in my shoes at one point and received invaluable help from Narconon to rediscover themselves and wanted to give back. This made it easy for me to open up about the dark sides of my past. Without an ounce of judgment, I was gently assisted through the steps of the program.

Each step was vital to my recovery of health and discovery of the Real Me. I was able to focus on bettering myself mentally, physically and emotionally in a safe environment. I can honestly say that I love the person I am today. Instead of dreading the future as I did before, I am eager to keep bettering myself. Having the regained ability to set and achieve my goals and go after the new opportunities in life is priceless!

Special Thanks to the Staff at Narconon Suncoast. I might not be here today if it were not for you guys!

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