Free from my Addiction, I Can Now Show People Who I Truly Am, the Real Me

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from my Addiction, I Can Now Show People Who I Truly Am, the Real Me    

I grew up in a normal home with a family that loved me. I had many hobbies, I played sports and was in musicals. I went to college and obtained a degree in landscape design. At the age of 25, I was introduced to methamphetamine. After struggling with abusing meth for nearly a year, I soon learned how to start making it. This took a toll on my physical health and also my mental state of mind, and before I knew it, I was addicted. Feeling the need to obtain the essentials to continue making meth, I caught my first charge and was arrested for possession.

I was given probation and quit for several years during that time, but without any proper help, I found my way back to using and making meth. In 2015 I was caught in the act and sent to prison for 2 years of my life. This sent my then 7-year-old daughter away to live with her dad and turned her and my family’s life upside down. After being released from prison, basically before I even made it home, I was out and using again. The unfortunate thing about prison is that, unless there are circumstances that allow you to do a program for addiction, you get no help for substance abuse.

For four more years, I continued to do meth. I ended up catching three more possession charges and was almost headed back to prison. I still had my family’s love, but I no longer had their trust. Three and a half months ago I was sitting in jail and called home to my mom and told her I was ready, that I needed help and I asked her to look around. Immediately after inquiring about Narconon, my mom got a message from Justin offering to try and help. Later that same day a woman named Desiree contacted my mom and they began the work to get me here. Within a few days, I had been approved to be released to Narconon’s care and start my journey. I was released a day later and was on my way.

When I arrived, I was made to feel right at home, my fears were put to rest almost immediately by the staff. Because many of them had done the program themselves they were able to relate to me and it became very easy to be open with them. I made a best friend for life with my twin on the program. I did the sauna program and had more energy than I could ever imagine in my life, and for someone that was addicted to uppers that came as quite a shock. Objectives gave me the ability to overcome running away from things and begin confronting them. I gained so much relief in the Life Skills courses by taking responsibility for the things I had done and the damage I had caused in my life. Something that was a fear of mine was not knowing what would I enjoy without the drugs? It turns out everything and more. I learned that I still had an interest in many of the same hobbies I did before.

The sense of accomplishment that I got is perhaps the best part. Before, I had many projects that I never finished, but here I was able to finish everything I put my mind to. I was able to get my fishing business up a running again, the rewards of doing the right thing, and working hard is already paying off big time. Perhaps the thing I am looking forward to the most is getting to know my 12-year old daughter again and being the mom that I always knew I should have been. I have the opportunity to show people who I am, the real me.

I have had so much support here from the staff and have so much respect for all of them. Seeing how some of them have overcome their problem and continue to live a drug-free life and do it by helping others like me every day gives me so much hope in the world. Thank you Narconon Suncoast!

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