I Have the Strength to Live Free from Drugs

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I Have the Strength to Live Free from Drugs

I grew up in a loving family that was initially very close. We got together every Sunday for family dinners and that was something that I really looked forward to. However, over time my family disconnected. I feel as though that left a void in my life that I looked towards filling with the people in my neighborhood. I began frequently hanging out with them and began rebelling towards my parents. It was during this time in which I first tried drugs.

It started out as something I did socially but over time it became my main focus. I realize now that the reason I did this is so that I had something to focus on other than myself. It became all-consuming and caused me to lose everything I ever had and put a major strain on the relationships between me and my family. I became homeless and hopeless.

One day when I was I was talking with my mom, one of her friends happened to be there who told me about how his daughter had come to the Narconon Program and after trying many other programs had stayed clean for years. Having myself done many programs and knowing the success rates are pretty low, I had hope finding out about Narconon. I was very receptive to learn more about this program.

Shortly after that my mom had gotten in touch with Narconon Suncoast and had spoken with Jordan, who explained the program to us both and scheduled me to come in and start. When I first got here I was really scared and nervous, but Angela came and just by hearing the kindness and understanding in her voice made me feel at ease.

I had my ups and downs throughout the program as to be expected, going through the Sauna and detoxing my body created some anxiety and at one point I even made the comment that I wanted to leave. Within minutes the staff was right there to help me with what I was going through and helped remind me why I had come and everything that could be gained by finishing the program, so that’s what I did. I continued to stick with it and push through the things that I needed to confront. With each time I wanted to throw in the towel and give up, a staff member was there to give me a pep talk and words of encouragement, always reminding me of the hopes and goals and reasons to continue on.

One of the best things I have found, other than myself, was my twin on the program. Working together, she has helped me learn about myself and the person that I want to be. She has been extremely supportive and motivating and I do not know if I could have done it without her. Going through this program has pushed me to confront and work through situations that in the past I would have run away from. It has given me both the strength and determination to live my life free from drugs, as a sober and productive member of society and for that I am grateful.

R.E.-Narconon Suncoast Graduate    

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