Tropicana Apologizes And Shamefully Removes Ad That Triggered Internet Meltdown For Being ‘Demeaning To Moms And Fueling Alcoholism’ – Chicks On The Right

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OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

As annoying people are prone to do, a bunch of whiny losers watched a commercial that was not about them and made it about them, complaining until it was removed. Now I’m angry with the losers and I’m angry with the company for caving.

Tropicana made what I thought was a light-hearted, clever ad about parents taking a “mimoment”, a moment for themselves away from their families. There are entire businesses built around the concept of mommy-juice, of mama needing a glass of wine. Not every parent says they need a drink when their kids are being little hellions, but every parent knows at least one parent who does. Tropicana’s commercial was based on the same concept. Celebrities Gabrielle Union, Molly Sims, and Jerry O’Connell escape to their cleverly hidden fridges to take a moment for themselves. The ad even reminds you to drink responsibly.

Cue indignant screeching from sobriety groups and addicts all over social media. People were triggered. TRIGGERED y’all. By parents hiding in a quiet space for a mimosa….Mkay.

If I were choosing to be a keyboard warrior for justice, I’d probably focus on the fact that many celebrities have nannies, au pairs, private tutors, and all the gadgets money can buy. I’m skeptical about how many of them are hands on and actually in need of a break, but that’s just me.

No, apparently the real soft spot was that these celebrities were drinking in private (mimosas, not pounding shots of tequila). One Instagram user wrote, “Addiction, especially in women and mothers, is at an all-time high and normalizing hiding in your closet to drink your secret alcohol stash and escape your children is dangerous.” Dangerous. Okay. So is it better to drink in front of your kids or are you not supposed to escape your kids for a moment of quiet when you’re getting stressed out? Judgmental directions unclear, please update your Instagram post.

I don’t know about you but for any serious drinkers in my life, a mimosa isn’t really a sign of trouble. If you’re sneaking to your closet or bathroom with a liter of Vodka and coming back swaying, then we can talk about addiction.

Anyone who shames you for escaping your little angels when they’re trying your patience deserves to be pooped on by the first baby they hold. Not a normal poop, one of those up the back, out the sides, both of you need a bath kind of baby poos. Welcome to real life. Kids can stress you out, and you can (and should) take a break to collect yourself, however that works for you.

In regards to the ad, another person said, “Disgraceful. Secret drinking leads to serious problems and pain.”

Does it lead to pain? Does it? Do you also feel dirty when you do it? Because that really sounds like a personal problem. Kind of like when you struggle with addiction, so you see every commercial as a personal affront to your individual challenges.

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This is an ORANGE JUICE commercial guys. This is what the world has come to. Obviously people who would normally be asking to speak to the manager and throwing fits in person are forced to limit their outrage to the internet, but that doesn’t mean we have to cave to their ridiculous demands. Tropicana should have said, “sounds like you could use a drink” and moved on.

But that’s not the state of the world. Right now, if you upset the wrong people, you have to be concerned that they’ll boycott to shut your business down, find your head office and burn it down, and then stage a protest outside of the CEO’s home. Not even orange juice is safe in cancel culture.

I’m having a mimosa in the morning. Judge me, Karen!

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