My Life Once Derailed by Addiction, Now Confident and Ready with a New Zest for Life

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My Life Once Derailed by Addiction, Now Confident and Ready with a New Zest for Life 

I grew up in a loving family who all supported me through anything I did. My childhood and early teen years were normal for the most part. When I got to high school, I found myself at a crossroads. The groups I was a part of did not really satisfy me. I felt I needed more acceptance by my peers, and I soon found myself seeking that acceptance from anyone I could, even if I knew they were not the best influence on me. When I first started using drugs in high school, it was occasional and typically only on the weekends or at parties.

After just a few months of using drugs, I was sent to a hospital due to the adverse effects from the drugs. I remember my friends making comments that something like that would have scared them straight and away from using, but not me. The day I was released I was back to abusing drugs. I was heavily involved in music throughout high school, and even through my drug use, I was still able to achieve a scholarship to college. My first year of college was a daily struggle, focusing nearly all my time drug-seeking for my next fix. A lot of people look back fondly on college, but with me, it was simply a full-blown addiction.

I lost my scholarship and found myself in and out of hospitals over the next few years. During this time, I had multiple arrests and legal issues due to my addiction. On top of this, my relationship with my girlfriend of 7 ½ years deteriorated and was lost, along with any hope I had of a normal future. I come from a religious family, so this past November I decided to take the 12-step approach and went to a 12-step program. After leaving this program I found myself around the same people and with the same habits I had previously and began using again. Within 2 months of leaving I mixed a lethal dose of opiates and benzos, and after surviving I realized I needed help again. Fortunately, when all that was going on, I had heard from my cousin Drew, who had done the Narconon Program years ago and is a staff member at Narconon Suncoast. I contacted my cousin and told him what was going on, and within days I was on a plane to Clearwater, Florida to do the Narconon Program.

When I got here, I was not in the best of moods, but I knew this process was a steppingstone in the right direction and that it was one I needed to take. Even though I was in a new place and a new state, I found comfort in knowing I was in the right place and I began my program.

During the withdrawal portion of the program, the steps taken with the vitamins and supplements caused me to barely feel any symptoms, which was great given how terrible opiate withdrawal can be. The sauna was really good for me because getting the drugs out of my system allowed my body to get back to a baseline level. Objectives taught me new-found patience and understanding of people as well as myself, and the life skills course helped me understand the underlying reasons of why I used and continued to use in the past.

While here I have been able to prioritize goals and understand the proper steps to achieve them. I am confident that I can apply the things I have learned here to continue moving forward after my program. Since being here I have found a new zest for life and have become comfortable with myself. I no longer need drugs or substances to find temporary happiness or an escape from life. I am ready to live my life completely free from addiction.

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