What is a Sober living

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As a recovering addict, are you wondering what a sober house is and how a sober house may be able to help you or a loved one maintain sobriety?

Whether you are looking for information about sober living

Let’s find answers to those questions

Sober living

Sober living is a very important extension of the addiction recovery process. At a sober living home, addicts may continue their recovery in an environment where drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

At a sober living homes, recovering addicts reside together while performing normal daily tasks such as going to work or school as well as attending outpatient treatment.

Although treatment for addiction is not provided by the sober living home, residents in a sober living home will work together and provide peer support to help each other stay clean.

Who Lives in a Sober House?

Are you wondering if you are a potential candidate for a sober house? The residents who live in sober living homes are recovering addicts who have already completed an inpatient treatment program, but they are “not quite ready” to return to their regular environment. A sober house provides addicts with a safe place to live and continue to receive support while transitioning from inpatient treatment back to a normal daily routine.

Not everyone can or should attend living at a sober house. Only those who are strictly committed to their own sobriety and who have already detoxed from drugs or alcohol will be accepted to a sober living house. Additionally, sober living homes follow very strict policies regarding sober living and the residents who live in those facilities. Most sober houses have a zero tolerance for any use of addictive substances such as drugs or alcohol and will evict the residents breaking those rules from the home in the event that they are caught using drugs or alcohol while at the facility.

In Massachusetts, most Sober living houses are following the guidelines of the Massachusetts Alliance of Sober Housing (MASH).

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